EJB Foundation Classes

Welcome to the preliminary homepage of the EJBFC project.

What is EJBFC?

Coding Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) from scratch is a complex and time consuming task. While there are lots of (mostly commercial) tools supporting in this, there still are lots of people that actually do not use these tools. Let's call them "hardcore coders". This project aims in enabling those people to produce stable and fully specification conformant EJBs from scratch very easily and fast, by using a framework of abstract java classes. Those classes fulfil two purposes. First, they implement the EJB 2.1 specification completely by doing just nothing besides providing the needed, empty ejb*-methods (so-called "null-implementation") that every EJB must have but doesn't do anything in most cases; using such a null-implementation, a fully-functional EJB can be written from scratch, only using a text-editor plus a java compiler, in less than five minutes. Second, they implement repeatingly needed standard functionality (so-called "helpers") like looking up the standard JNDI contexts "java:comp/env/jms" etc., which 99% of all non-trivial EJBs need to have, but are not specified as a "must" by EJB 2.1 specification. This framework allows hard-core coders to speed up their development cycles by far, also improves the quality of the code a lot. From the day we invented those classes months ago, they saved us some hundreds of hours of work (and thousands of lines of code, and, with this, some hundreds of potential bugs). So we think this code has to become open source as soon as possible.

What is the current status?

Version 1.2 was released on 2004-07-11, and currently we are working on Version 1.3 which is expected to be released in August 2004.

Where can I get it?

You can obtain a GPL'ed copy of EJBFC from our SourceForge project site: just click here! Please report any bugs or feature requests to the Bug/Feature Trackers on our SourceForge site. We like to thank the SourceForge Team for the opportunity to use this great facility!SourceForge.net Logo.
If you want to use EJBFC in non-GPL'ed open source projects, or in commercial projects, please contact us directly for negotiations: write to markus-karg@users.sourceforge.net.

How can I support EJBFC?

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